Thursday, August 15, 2013

Find it (Song 2)

Having to be a grown up, getting a job, settling down, having kids, paying bills, saving for retirement.

These all make you forget what it is that you really love in life.

I forget all of the time.

I also have realized that I avoid my dreams, I mean like the ones I used to have as a kid, so that I don't have to fail at them. 

I have been so wrapped up in creating a family, keeping my job and boss happy, making it through the day. That I haven't really paid attention to what my heart wants, what my purpose is.

This project and being in the Mamapreneur group have really helped me re-focus that.

They've helped me FIND IT again.

Its really scary to admit. Its really scary to attempt.

But I cant live my life and get all the way to the end only to realize I should have just given it a try!

Thats what this song is to me.

I know that theres people out there, who are like me, who feel obligated to do what society says is right, what society says is the "next step" but who, like me, have a deep rooted feeling that they need to do more.

Something that makes us happy.   Full-filled.   Helpful.

Something that grows us beyond what we think we're capable of.

Its time to FIND IT.

to look DEEP inside yourself and dig it out.

It will make you smile, It will make you hurt, it will make you wild, it will make you work.

Find it.


Here is my second song. 

Find it.