Thursday, July 11, 2013

Week 1 - Not so easy... is it.

First week. Frustrations.

Since Im posting this after the fact I just want to share what I learned in the first week attempt at this process.

My goal was:
  • Write a song 
  • Record my process 
  • Make a music video
  • Mash-up my process for a behind-the-scenes video

In a week... Ha....  

Let me tell you now.

I bit off more than I could chew. 

I already had an idea of my first song so in that way I was ahead but if you know songwriting... you know that songs like to transform. It did and it it chewed up A LOT of my time. 

After that. I attempted to mix up the behind the scenes stuff and kept letting the laptop die on me (because I would be on a roll) and lost hours of work. I mean like HOURS. 

Please plug in your laptop guys... and SAVE SAVE SAVE! 

At one point I even lost 8 hours of work. Which was a huge thing to do while staying at home with a 5 month old. 

After a few minutes of anger, screaming and beating myself up... I went at it again. 

I guess it was a blessing in disguise because everything turned out better than the first time. 

I didn't say fantastic.

But better. 

This same thing happened with the recording of the song. 

I recorded the song in parts. 

-Verse 1
-Verse 2

and Layered. 

Layered- means I sang the same part over and over on different tracks so that when it played all the layers played together This is so it sounds like more than one person is singing. It makes the song fuller. 

I lost stuff. Did it again. Lost it. Did it again.

Made new harmonies, changed lyrics, came up with better adlibs.

So although it was intensely frustrating, I kept at it and it paid off!

at least for me!

Once I had all the material. I temporarily quit. 

I know it doesnt make sense but I was so dissappointed in myself. I thought it would be easier. 

Yeah, I had everything I needed but I wanted it finalized! Not just ready to start to finalize.

So I dropped it for a week. 

I didnt realize I was doing it until I met up with those fellow mamapreneurs and realized I

had halted myself. 

I was overwhealmed, afraid, sad, lost and most of all... disappointed. 

When I started this project I thought I knew what dissapointment felt like.

"I'll handle it well" I thought. 

But it turns out regular disappointment and dissapointment pertaining to a passion are so very 


The latter.... really really hurts. It feels like a punch in the face (if you've ever had one... and I have). 

After making this realization I got back on track. Reset my goals. Made a more realistic approach and started at it again.

New Plan: 

  • Take my time
  • Write the song
  • Record the process
  • Edit what I can when I can
  • Dont aim for high quality million dollar status music videos -Yet- (just put it out there)
  • POST POST POST and ask the audience to help keep you accountable

My Takeaway:

Dissapointment comes in many shapes and sizes and I cant expect it to hit me in the stomach when it can punch me in the face. 

Wherever it lands. Keep rolling with the punches. Keep creating. 

Behind the Scenes week one: