Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Spark of a Beginning.

Hello World,

('Breathe'... internally I'm at the edge of a cliff..)

I am pursuing a passion project here. A one year challenge. As you might deduce from the name of my blog!

I am a singer first, a performer second and a songwriter last! I have been in girl groups, recorded a few songs, done a few professional demos but nothing too fantastic in the world of singing and performing. I do have experience but not in the professional way that I'm craving. I know there are other singer/ songwriters out there like me, STUCK. I was wishing for a place to perform, looking for a doorway to write, longing for a safe haven to share the song inside of me.

(Bonjour Group)

So, I created this challenge for myself.

Although for most professional artists an album in a year is the norm, for the regular folk that is a huge feat. So here I am. I want to have a 10 song Album in a year. It doesn't matter that it doesn't look or sound the way that it looks in my mind.

(and by the way in my mind it looks so beautifully produced that I realize my brain has way more of a budget than my pocket does!)

All that matters is that I have it! It may be shitty, it may be great! It may be mediocre and maybe you will be able to relate. All that matters is that I COMPLETE IT.

I have a few motivators I should share.

1. I just became a mother. Which, believe it or not, motivates me.

Amelie Bay Correa <3

2. I joined a group of fellow mamas that are progressing towards their dreams and although our dreams are extremely different. Their positive impact motivates me.

3. I'm tired. Tired of giving up. Tired of ignoring that feeling inside of me that says, "Blanca Paola Espinoza ...JUST FREAKING SING!" --- Ive spent so much time acting like its a pipe dream, impossible and actually unimportant to me. ( I do that so that I don't hurt my own feelings)

In actuality. Its my deepest passion. My only expression. My spark for life.

So here I am. There you have it. My spark of a beginning.

I will be sharing my failures, disappointments, successes (no matter how small) and honest feelings about this process.

Hopefully you can accompany me on this ride.

(takes a deep breath...)


(and jumps____________________________.....

My first Video: