Thursday, July 11, 2013

Its Not Over. (song 1)

Its Not Over.

Started as an anthem I wanted to create. It ended up being the anthem for this first step.

Getting it off the ground took persistence I had to keep telling myself.

"...not yet. Its not over yet."

The idea for this song came to me before the project.

There are many transitions in life. Many changes that we think define us. This is what this song is about. Its about not letting society's mentality hold you back.

More Specifically.

I used to judge women who decided to become moms. I always thought that the decision to jump into motherhood meant that your life was now over. You live for someone else and you can no longer progress forward in the ways that you dreamt you could have before this 'baby.'

At least thats what society made it feel like.

Then I got pregnant. I didn't really plan it but I also wasn't against it. So the universe brought it.

When I finally had the baby I realized that I hadn't changed as a person and neither had my dreams. I mean the whole birthing process WAS life changing and cannot be put into words. All I could really say is it clicked something in my brain that made me feel more connected to humanity. All the people in the world.

I started to resent my old self, those old thoughts that secretly judged moms, laughed at their loss and commented on their choices. I hated that old me SO MUCH that I decided that I was going to prove her wrong.


You can still -

  • travel
  • be creative
  • be inspired 
  • care about yourself 
  • make mistakes 
  • be sexy

Don't get me wrong. Life is different. 

But not in the DOWN and OUT way that most people think. 

I wont go into the blessing (a word I use wisely) it is to be a Mom. All I will say is there are some perks like you wouldn't believe. Especially for the artist in all of us.

I believe all challenges have perks. 

It may be at the end of the struggle, or way after, or the struggle itself. But the growth, "the perk"...

 is invaluable.

That's what this song is about. 

Get out of your brain. Accept the damages. Keep moving because its NOT OVER.

Mobile Version


The video was made in pieces. I recorded when I could and was inspired. I edited it down in about 5 hours. Spread up in three days. Its on iMovie and most of the cuts are experimental. I got lucky landing the beats. Although it is pretty easy lining up the music to the video in iMovie!