Monday, July 29, 2013


"I've lost my edge"

"Its not THAT cool"

"Hopefully I get better"

"its not fantastic"

"nobody is really going to like this"

"Dont laugh at me"

"Dont make fun of me"

"who's going to want to watch 'ME'?"

"I used to be good"

"This is going to fail"

These thoughts in my head can go on forever. I didn't notice how often I sabotage myself. I started noticing that I down myself more than once a day so I decided to document each thought I had that was semi-negative or totally negative in one day.

Turns out I doubt myself very often. 

These thoughts often sabotage my progress. I start to have fears, I start to care less, I start to slow my pace.

The crazy thing is that I NEVER noticed it!!!

Because of this project I try to look at every detail of my thought process, my daily life, my feelings.

It all effects this and I didn't know until NOW.

So what have I started to do to help myself.


1) I try to overload myself with positive quotes.

Positive images, media, thoughts:

2) I do a little exercise each morning and night. I learned it in a mastermind workshop.

   In the morning...

  •  Write down 3 people I am grateful for.
  •  Something I want the universe to help me with today 
  • 3 Things I intend to do
  • 3 Things that make me feel good

   At night...

  • 3 Things I loved about my day
  • 3 Things to celebrate about myself
  • 3 Things I intend to do tomorrow
  • Asking the universe for something
  • Forgive myself or someone else for something that went wrong  

I also have a couple of sentences that make me feel good and free.

 "I go to sleep well rested and with a clear mind"

It seems kind of extensive but its pretty easy. 

Sometimes I cant come up with three things so I just leave it at 1 and don't over think it.  

My biggest obstacle has turned out to be myself.

That is a huge realization for me because I like to play my life off like I am %100 positive.
It makes me feel like it will make it real.

Well that ends here. I will finish this. I will push myself.

I will need help though.

What are some things you positive people do? to help yourself out of this thinking?

I sure do need some new tools.